Unstoppable Momentum, joe satriani is rapidly moving

Well, this is happening, professor Satchafunkilus a.k.a Mister Joe Satriani is on his 14th studio album release preparation. officially announced on his site www.satriani.com on February 20, 2013, the Unstoppable Momentum will be launched on 7th of May 2013 through Epic Records. what i really excited about this is how he show us “A Door Into Summer,” a path into his album on YouTube

“A Door Into Summer” video – hope you enjoy it! Album presale at satriani.com/presale youtube.com/watch?v=5M4BGp…
— Joe Satriani (@chickenfootjoe) April 19, 2013


this announcement will lead us to eleven tracks inside this album:

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 1.     “Unstoppable Momentum”
2.     “Can’t Go Back”
3.     “Lies and Truths”
4.     “Three Sheets to the Wind”
5.     “I’ll Put a Stone in Your Cairn”
6.     “A Door into Summer”  preview on Youtube
7.     “Shine On American Dreamer”
8.     “Jumpin’ In”
9.     “Jumpin’ Out”
10.     “The Weight of the World”
11.     “A Celebration”

in this album you will meet Mike Keneally on keyboard, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Chris Chaney on bass as joe’s player assisted by Mike Fraser on album engineering.

For me, Joe Satriani IS great virtuoso. his albums and style of playing are the inspirations for all guitarist all around the world. nobody can forget “always with me, always with you” as its rhythm intro plays. And the best part of satriani is his personality. you can see how humble he is and always encourage other guitarists to keep their spirit in learning and playing guitar, no matter how hard, with any methods we like.

Satriani’s Unstoppable Momentum & Artistic Quest Part 1/3 (Extended Version)


“I write the songs first and in most cases teach myself the technique second.” – Joe Satriani’s quote. he is @chickenfootjoe
— The Guitar Learner (@theguitarlearn) April 23, 2013


So now, are you ready to catch him up on May 7 this year?
joe satriani
“it doesn’t sounds like you guys’re so shy,so that’s good.make us noise as much as you can, alright?”

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Old Fernandes Revolver still rocks!

guitar fernandes revolver
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era

While until now i still keep my saving to get a fine Telecaster, i currently use Fernandes, a 90’s guitar japanese made. Old enough with good treatment. i bought it from my friend’s store about a half year ago.

It is a good guitar with stratocaster tone. with a reasonable price, i got a worth maple wood guitar japanese made. the pickup is Fernandes’, the nuts and the bridge are Gotoh. this is Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era. Sugoi !

hmm.. what can i say more about this guitar?  it well-suited on my hands although i prefer my other custom-made guitar which has smaller guitar neck.

yes, i’m a little guitar guy with bunch of difficulties in learning guitar and still wondering how to play it in best style i can get.

But, indeed it is an old guitar. it has noise as i guess it’s because the circuitry needs to be repaired. renew them with the newest technology. yes, DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan’s stuff would be the best i can get to optimize this guitar performance.
well, i might need to change the bridge, it rusted a little bit. and a lot more i want for enhancements.

but,… on the second thought, i’d like to keep it classic. it would sound like that i have something valuable from the past. i won’t try to make it a “worn-out guitar” by scratching it here and there. i don’t have a heart to do it. when i need a new one, I WILL get one.

FR-55T Made in Japan
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T Made in Japan 90’s era

here i upload some pictures of it, and what i got form digging information about this guitar is very interesting. Fernandes guitar has been evolving rapidly. they have fine-crafted guitars with good woods and fine materials. Here are some the newest Fernandes products you might be interested in.

nowadays, Fernandes guitar is claimed as rocker’s need while i have the old one with the blues tone. and i think it’s because the pickups evolution. Fernandes Guitars have sustainer system inside them which is likely similar to an E-Bow.i mean the latest ones have them. here the close picture
of my Fernandes Revolver pickups and bridge.

fernandes revolver 90 guitar bridge n pickups
Fernandes Revolver FR-55T MIJ 90’s era

i’m still using this guitar because i like the tone its created. that’s enough for now i guess. any comments about this guitar? please, it’s a pleasure to have your comments here.

PS: I made a photo-edited about my fernandes. it’s not a big thing but i think you will like it. here it is