making slideshow of major chords for guitar

Yes, I’m trying to take benefit on all the facilities i have, and i made a slide show for my earlier post; The Guitar Learner: Fun in basic, Major Chords:

and here it is on youtube:

it was fun after all. i was enjoying the latest self-blogging technologies well-suited into my music interests. using Picasa 3 and the help of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, i made a slideshow of major chords for guitar, along with tuned-up audio guitar sounds and speech synthesizer. it is great! to make this slideshow, i only used my mouse, and pc keyboard (to type words only!).

yea yea yea, i know, for some of professionals and a lot of people out there, this is an obsolete information. almost everyone using hi-tech stuff in producing their music these days and they are good at it. my aim here is, that the fact “Learning one thing is a door that leads to another Learning”. when i learn to blog my interest, both blogging and guitar are improving, while other things those support them, is evolving and developing, too. there’s nothing to loose in learning something that is good for you.

so why don’t we start something sooner? and my favorite life soundtrack is “make yourself”- incubus

all stuff like VST plugins, DAW, synth are things those supports music nowadays. they are necessary for some reason. see, you can get  speech synthesizer like on my video/slideshow above in an instance by having Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition V10 on your machines. it’s one of great tool in music production and i recommend you to take a look at it (or, get it) and made a review about it. it’s a fun stuff.


Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition V10

Fun in basic, Major Chords

Actually,  first guitar playing is my friend’s, singing accompanied by guitar rhythm and chords. Earlier, what i saw on TV was Kurt Cobain playing “About a Girl” song on MTV unplugged, left-handed guitar playing with drunk-whatever-style. That was my first love on guitar. It wasn’t anything like long-haired Joe Satriani “always with me, always with you” video-clip. As everyone see, i see a guitar as a companion, a friend.What I’m trying to say is, the chords had met me earlier than scales or modes, those chords inspire every kids to learn and love guitar, from ancient until now and for the next future. what a amazing thing… now i guess it’s time to continue the tradition, sharing things which can keep us stay in rhythmic life. THE CHORDS !this post brings the major chords, as they are easy to listen and to learn. Major chords consist of the root, the third and the fifth notes. what we have on C major chord are C (root note), E(third note) and G (fifth note).. here i share some chords those come in handy to learn for the first time.

guitar chord
C (root note), E(third note) and G (fifth note)

since this is basic, there will be no complicated stuff here. all we have to do is memorizing the notes those build the Major chords : do(1st) – mi(3rd) – sol(5th)

on D major chord, it will be : D(1st) – F#(3rd) – A(5th)

guitar chord
D(1st) – F#(3rd) – A(5th)
guitar chord
E(1st) – F#(3rd) – G#(5th)


guitar chord
F(1st) – A(3rd) – Bb(5th)
guitar chord
G(1st) – B(3rd) – D(5th)
guitar chord
A(1st) – C#(3rd) – E(5th)
guitar chord
B(1st) – D#(3rd) – F#(5th)

hope everyone likes my coloring 🙂