PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

I got a PRS SE guitar for this time review and, first thing I wanna tell you is, that we should give credit to PRS guitars for the hardworks. Paul Reed Smith has taken his guitars into world’s music library like a new vocabulary for distinctive sound and playability. This PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is a wonderful balance between price, sound, action and finishing layout. yes, Paul Reed Smith did it..

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow
PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

lucky i got this guitar for my guitar review. At first I didn’t even know how to start, so i search on youtube about this guitar and I found few great things to make comparison. first interesting thing is, if we turn the volume down to about 80% we will get an acoustic-piezo-pickup-like sound. So tried it and it works as it said on the review. The warm, clean tone sound that came out from the middle switch position becomes very nice acoustic steel strings guitar sound if we turn down the volume knob a little. I guess this comes from the semi-hollow guitar body and the factory default PRS SE pickups for this guitar has succeeded in capturing the semi-hollow guitar body sound. Very good. The clean tone itself has a twang, although I can’t say it’s a tele twang. But it’s in between Fender and Gibson. It’s truly amazing. While I can’t say this is for my playing, but, definitely I’ll choose this guitar for recording purposes for its wide sound range.

>>  check my video review PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar <<

Next thing I wanna know about this guitar is, of course, how this guitar sound with overdrive and distortion effect. I have digital effects pedal and analog pedals for this, unfortunately my amp hasn’t come yet when i made this post, so i use Behringer ultra-G GI100 DIbox and an ordinary 1×10-inches speaker. The result is beyond expected. this guitar has warm overdrive and gritty distortion (I still can hear the note clarity in full distortion), while I can get a distinctive-fat and rich sound for lead guitar session as I use the booster. Overall, the sound is pretty amazing for medium grade PRS SE guitars.

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow guitar
PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow guitar

If there is one thing that might people dislike about this guitar, my guess is only the matter of taste. there are few minors about the finishing layout, but definitely it isn’t about the playability and precisions. The neck is unique, it’s wide BUT THIN, perfect for shredders but it also give a secure and safe feeling when playing jazzy chords (yes, IT IS). the strings lay very low to the fretboard and no buzzed frets at all.  I guess the guitar neck is the thing which made PRS Guitars distinctive characteristics so bold.

I have Fender Special edition spalted maple and Gretsch electromatic for comparison, and i have to tell you PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar neck is very nicely different, yet you will get used to it quick and soon the fun begins. well, I did. 😀

this is a cliche but i got to tell you anyway,

“Semi-Hollow Electric Guitars are light-weighted and PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar IS NOT HEAVY AS IT SEEMS. not heavy at all”

about the price, unfortunately this guitar model is discontinued so the latest new price for this PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar model isn’t available, but, you might get lucky on eBay, and my suggestion is, take it. This guitar is the FIRST model for PRS SE custom semi-hollow, so consider if you have it, you got a historical stuff.

so far so good, if anyone have one, please share the information with me, thanks. have a good day 🙂

Guitar Design Ideas

There is no end in designs’ creativity, and that’s what I’m talking about when we want to redesign our guitar layout. you can get your own or get inspired by your favorite virtuoso. As part of my guitar learning project surely I wanna take a shot about this.

actually this is not easy for me because I have terrible drawing, so i choose to be inspired by the famous Frankenstrat, the Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. As you know that Frankenstrat is an idealism. it is not only about the stripe and colors, but Frankenstrat is an innovative instrument which lead guitar to something new like the floating bridge and brown sound. A copy of Frankenstrat is at the National Museum of American History now, as part of American music history and inspiration.

Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat

well, i won’t go that far for a whole Frankenstrat thing right now. what I’m gonna do is take the the colors and stripes onto my Fernandes guitar, not with paint, but with stickers ( I’d love to paint, but it will be only a big mess).

first, I bought the stickers. since my guitar is black and i love sunset colors, i got glitter yellow, orange and silver stickers.

guitar design ideas
tools and stickers for Guitar Design Ideas

tools i needed were screwdrivers, scissors, cutter, steel ruler and a hair dryer. I used screwdriver to put off anything necessary such like bridge and pickups holder. I cut the yellow stickers into 2 cm width and 1 cm width for silver and orange stickers.

guitar design ideas
Guitar Design Ideas

the fun thing about Frankenstrat design is, it’s only a random stripes and colors 😀 so i put them randomly. i put a silver lining on my Fernandes Guitar Edge first, next was the yellow then the orange sticker.

um.. the hair dryer? it is the best tool I have to apply the stickers on bend and curves so i got minimum folded stickers on my guitar. simply blow the stickers with hair dryer’s hot air and bend it as you like. you need to be careful in bending the stickers, while i didn’t. haha my fault.

so where’s the result? here i share you. pretty much satisfying for me, since it is my own work ^_^

got interested on Frankenstrat guitar design yet?

guitar design frankenstrat ideas
Guitar Design Inspired By Frankenstrat Ideas